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Department/ Group: O&M POWER Reporting to: MECHANICAL FOREMAN
Location: Group c Travel Required: Yes
Qualification & Experience.
Qualification:- Secondary certificate with post secondary technical diploma
Experience: - 5 Year’s of Experience in Mechanical maintenance of diesel power station; especially in Cummins, Caterpillar, MBS or KHD Engines
Roles & Responsibilities:
Mechanical Technician should have a strong knowledge of the working principle of the Engine on which he is working, should be familiar enough with all type of tools used in maintenance operations.
1. To work in consultation of the Mechanical Foreman / Mechanical Engineer.
2. To carry out maintenance operation in an optimized way as guided by seniors or as described in S.O.Ps.
3. To be able enough to select the most appropriate type of tools for carrying out a particular type of maintenance operation hence to avoid repetition and time loss.
4. To be able to understand the hazards involved in a use of a particular type of tool / maintenance operation.
5. To be able to develop attitude towards personal & machine safety while in working & to take necessary HSE measures for a particular type of job.
6. To correspond, in case of an emergency, in an effective manners with company maintenance engineers & other higher authorities.
7. To maintain the working area clean after finishing the maintenance activities.
8. To keep general cleanliness of tools and instruments.
9. To operate Fire Extinguishers as and when required.
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