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Job Title: ENGINE ROOM OPERATOR Job Category:
Department/ Group: O&M POWER Reporting to: STATION IN CHARGE
Location: GROUP C Travel Required: No
Qualification & Experience.
Qualification:- Secondary school certificate with science or Vocational training certificate
Experience: - 5 Year’s of Experience in operating industrial diesel engines,especially in Cummins, Caterpillar, MBS or KHD Engines.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Engine Room Operator should have a strong knowledge of type of Engine on which he is working, method of starting /stopping the Engine, its basic parts etc. He should thoroughly perform all the necessary steps before starting / stopping an engine..
1.Minimum knowledge of Caution boards/ PTW /Operation of Fire Extinguishers is essential.
2.To close / open an outgoing Feeder, as & when required, keeping in view all the instructions & precautions mentioned in the S.O.Ps, developed for each type.
3.To be able to synchronize two or more DGs incomer panels, as & when required, keeping in mind all instructions & precautions mentioned in S.O.Ps.
4.To be able to regularize & streamline Engine’s incomer voltage & frequency.
5.To maintain a log book for incomer panels & outgoing feeders indicating a record of time each feeder was charged, any maintenance carried out for breakers/ feeders/ bus bar.
6.To keep general cleanliness of power station, control room & to update all the necessary records.
7.To communicate with the immediate superior in an effective manner during an emergency without getting panic.
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