Key Projects 2016 << Back

S.No Project Tender No From To Client
1 BOO A Desalination Plant with RO Technology at Wadi Al Ain Well field in Wilayat Ibri in Al Dhariyah Region 01/2018 14/08/2016 13/05/2024 Public Authority of Electricity & Water
2 Operation and Maintenance of Rural Power Station at Group E, Dhofar Reigon RAEC-14/2018 14/08/2016 31/12/2023 TANWEER
3 Proposal 33 KV,11 KV, OHL Work &Construction Of New 1x10 MVA Transformer Work At Al-Saffa Primary Sub Station For Expansion Work Of Poultary Farm Package 2 At Tumrait 02/2018 14/08/2016 29/07/2019 Al-Saffa Foods (SAOG)
4 EPC for Electrical Power Supply to Light Medium Industrial Zone for Duqm in Wusta Governorate 25/2018 14/08/2016 05/07/2020 TANWEER
5 Operation and Maintenance of Al Duqum Desalination Plant At Al Wusta Governorate RAEC-18/2018 14/08/2016 24/08/2019 TANWEER